Beatriz Arroyo

Beatriz_arroyo Beatriz Arroyo

Position: CSIC researcher

I work at IREC since 2006. Before that, I spent four years in Oxford, UK, at the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology (EGI, to carry out my PhD; four years in France at the Centre d´Etudes Biologiques de Chizé (CEBC-CNRS;), as a postdoctoral researcher, and six years in Scotland in the Center of Ecology and Hydrology, Banchory (CEH-Banchory;). My research has as the main objective to contribute to compatibilze human activities and wildlife conservation. Among others, my research interests include the following topics:

  • Ecology and conservation of harrier species (Montagus, pallid, hen and black harriers).
  • Agriculture and conservation of farmland birds.
  • Game management and environmental sustainability.
  • Effects of human disturbance on protected birds.
  • Management of ecological and conservation conflicts.

I am also increasingly interested by non-ecological (social and economic) aspects associated to nature conservation, and how these relate to transferability of research results to management decisions. Additionally, I am also interested in cost-efficiency and long-term sustainability of wildlife management and conservation.

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Articles in SCI Journals

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In press

  • Cabodevilla X., Pérez-Tris J., Moreno-Zarate L, Pérez-Rodríguez A., Lima-Barbero J.F., Camacho M.C., Villanua D., Ibáñez R., Gerboles A. & Arroyo B. Wing shape differences between juvenile and adult birds: the important role of moult and controversial C2 axis (SCCA) interpretation in birds with rounded wings. Ardeola
  • Cabodevilla, X. Aebischer, N.J., Mougeot, F., Morales, M.B. & Arroyo B. Releases of red-legged partridges for hunting and population trends of little bustards, an endangered steppe bird, in central Spain. EJWR
  • Lauret, V., Delibes-Mateos, M., Mougeot, F. & Arroyo, B. 2020. Using Q-methodology to understand conservation conflicts: management of rodent outbreaks in farmland areas. Ambio (
  • Martínez-Jauregui, M.; Delibes-Mateos, M.; Arroyo, B. & Soliño M. 2020. The survival of agroforestry biodiversity hotspots: dealing with social tolerance towards wildlife lethal control in National Parks. Cons. Biol.
  • Mougeot, F., Lambin, X., Arroyo, B. & Luque-Larena, J.J. 2020. Body size and habitat use of the common weasel Mustela nivalis vulgaris in Mediterranean farmlands colonised by common voles Microtus arvalis. Mammal Res (

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  • Berger-Geiger, B., Galizia, C.G & Arroyo, B. 2019. Montagu´s harrier breeding parameters in relation to weather, colony size and nest protection schemes: a long-term study in Extremadura, Spain. J. Ornithology 160: 429:441
  • Casas, F., Mougeot, F., Morales, M., Arroyo, B., Hervás, I., García De la Morena, E., Fagan W. & Viñuela, J. 2019. Opposing population trajectories in two bustard species: a long-term study in a protected area in Central Spain. Bird Conservation International 29: 308-320
  • Garcia-Heras, M-S., Arroyo, B., Mougeot, F., Bildstein, K. J.F. Therrien & Simmons, R. 2019. Migratory patterns and settlement areas revealed by remote sensing in an endangered intra-African migrant bird of prey, the Black Harrier Circus maurus. PLOSone 14(1): e0210756
  • Roos, D., Caminero-Saldaña, C., Arroyo, B., Mougeot, F., Luque-Larena, JJ. & Lambin, X. 2019. Unintentional effects of environmentally-friendly farming practices: arising conflicts between zero-tillage and a crop pest, the common vole (Microtus arvalis). Agric. Ecosyst. Env. 272: 105-113

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  • Cabodevilla, X., Moreno-Zárate, L. & Arroyo, B. 2018. Differences in wing morphology between juvenile and adult European Turtle Doves Streptopelia turtur: implications for migration and predator scape. Ibis 160: 458-463
  • Espín, S., Terraube, J., Arroyo, B., Limiñana, R., Vázquez Pumariño, X., Pinilla, A., García, J.T., Mateo, R. & Mougeot, F. 2018. Blood concentrations of p.p-DDE and PCBs in harriers breeding in Spain and Kazakhstan. STOTEN 624: 1287-1297
  • Garcia-Heras, M.S., Arroyo, B., Simmons, R.E., Camarero, P., Mateo, R. & Mougeot, F. 2018. Blood concentrations of PCBs and DDTs in an avian predator endemic to southern Africa: associations with habitat, electrical transformers and diet. Environmental Pollution 232: 440-449
  • Luque-Larena, J.J., Mougeot, F., Arroyo, B. & Lambin, X. 2018. “Got rats?” Global environmental costs of thirst for milk include acute biodiversity impacts linked to dairy feed production. Global Change Biology 24: 2752-2754
  • Mustin, K., Arroyo, B., Beja, P., Newey, S., Irvine, J., Kestler J. & Redpath, S. 2018. Consequences of game bird management for non-game species in Europe. J. App. Ecol 55: 2285-2295

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  • Caro, J., Delibes-Mateos, M., Vázquez, C., Gómez-Camacho, J. & Arroyo, B. 2017. Exploring the views of hunting by Spanish hunters: effect of age and public vs anonymous discourses. EJWR 63: 88 (
  • Guzmán, J.L., Caro, J. & Arroyo, B. 2017. Factors influencing mobility and survival of Eurasian Woodcock wintering in Spain. Avian Conservation and Ecology 12(2):21 (
  • Tarjuelo, R., Morales, M.B., Arroyo, B., Mañosa, S. Bota, G., Casas, F. & Traba, J. 2017. Intra- and interspecific competition induce density-dependent habitat niche shifts in an endangered steppe bird. Ecology and Evolution 22: 9720-9730
  • Luque-Larena, J.J., Mougeot, F., Arroyo, B., Vidal, D., Rodríguez-Pastor, R., Escudero, R., Anda, P. & Lambin, X. 2017. Irruptive mammalian host populations shape tularaemia epidemiology. PLOS Pathogens 13(11):e1006622. (
  • Rodríguez-Pastor, R., Escudero, R., Vidal, MD, Mougeot, F., Arroyo, B., Lambin, X, Vila-Coro, AMVC, Rodríguez-Moreno, I., Anda, P, Luque-Larena, JJ. 2017. Density-dependent prevalence of Francisella tularensis in fluctuating vole populations in NW Spain. Emerging Infectious Diseases 23: 1377-1379
  • García-Heras, M.S., Arroyo, B., Simmons, R.E., Camarero, P.R., Mateo, R., García, J.T. & Mougeot. F. 2017. Pollutants and diet influence circulating carotenoid levels and integument coloration in nestlings of an endangered raptor. STOTEN 603-604: 299-307
  • Garcia-Heras MS, Mougeot F, Simmons RE & Arroyo B. 2017. Regional and temporal variations in diet and provisioning rates suggest weather limits prey availability for an endangered raptor. Ibis 159: 567-579
  • Arroyo B, Mougeot F & Bretagnolle V. 2017. Individual variation in behavioural responsiveness to humans leads to differences in breeding success and long-term population phenotypic changes. Ecology letters 20: 317-325
  • Garcia-Heras, M.S., Mougeot, F., Arroyo, B., Avery, G., Avery, M. & Simmons, R.E. 2017. Is the Black Harrier Circus maurus a specialist predator? Assessing the diet of a threatened raptor species endemic to southern Africa. Ostrich 88: 1-8
  • Arroyo, B., Caro, J., Muñoz, J., Diaz-Fernandez, S., Delibes-Mateos, M., Diaz-Fernandez, M. & Viñuela, J. 2017. Reconciling economic and ecological sustainability: can non-intensive hunting of red-legged partridges in central Spain be economically profitable? EJWR 63: 1-10

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  • Casas F, Arroyo B, Viñuela J, Guzmán JL, Mougeot F (2016) Are farm-reared red-legged partridge releases increasing hunting pressure on wild partridge breeding stocks? European Journal of Wildlife Research 62: 79-84
  • Díaz M, Moreno E, Amat JA, Arroyo B, Barba E, González-Solís J, Laiolo P, De Lope F, Merino S, Obeso JR & Velando A. (2016) Ardeola, a scientific journal of ornithology: cooperative survivorship within the red queen game. Ardeola 63: 3-14
  • Díaz-Ruiz, F., Caro, J., Delibes-Mateos, M., Arroyo, B. y Ferreras, P. (2016) Drivers of red fox (Vulpes vulpes) daily activity: prey availability, human disturbance or habitat structure? Journal of Zoology, 298: 128-138.
  • Estrada, A., Delgado, M-P., Arroyo, B., Traba, J. & Morales, M. (2016) Forecasting large-scale habitat suitability of European bustards under climate change: the role of environmental and geographic variables. PLOS One 11(3): e0149810
  • Garcia-Heras M.S., Arroyo B., Mougeot F., Amar A., Simmons R.E. (2016) Does timing of breeding matter less where the grass is greener? Seasonal declines in breeding performance differ between regions in an endangered endemic raptor. Nature Conservation 15: 23-45
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  • Torres-Orozco, D., Arroyo, B., Pomarol, M. & Santangeli, A. (2016) From conservation traps to conservation solutions: lessons from intensively managed Montagu’s harriers in Catalonia. Animal Conservation 19: 436-443

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  • Cardador L., Brotons L., Mougeot F., Giralt D., Bota G., Pomarol M., Arroyo B. (2015) Conservation Traps and Long-Term Species Persistence in Human-Dominated Systems Conservation Letters 8: 456 – 462.
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