Marie Sophie

sophie2 Marie-Sophie García-Heras

Position: Postdoctoral.
Current Address: Dept. Forest Ecosystems & Society, Oregon State University.

Marie-Sophie started in 2013 a Phd on Black Harriers (Circus maurus), supervised by Rob Simmons and Graeme Cumming (University of Cape Town), Beatriz Arroyo and François Mougeot (EEZA-CSIC). The thesis is titled Understanding the causes of the scarcity of an avian predator using environmental and individual parameters with a conservation aim: the case of the threatened black harrier Circus maurus.

Articles in SCI Journals

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Articles in SCI Journals


  • Garcia-Heras M.S., Arroyo B., Mougeot F., Amar A., Simmons R.E. (2016) Does timing of breeding matter less where the grass is greener? Seasonal declines in breeding performance differ between regions in an endangered endemic raptor. Nature Conservation 15: 23-45
  • Garcia-Heras M-S, Mougeot, F., Arroyo, B., Avery, M., Simmons, R.E. In press. Is the Black Harrier Circus maurus a specialist predator? Assessing the diet of a threatened raptor species endemic to southern Africa. Ostrich. DOI: 10.2989/00306525.2016.1257515

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