Mario Fernández-Tizón

Mario Mario Fernández-Tizón

Position: CSIC’s Higher Technician

My career focuses on technical support for research projects, especially in the field of conservation biology. I am a trained biologist, specialized in ecology, and both field data collection and data treatment and analyses. I have training as a forest foreman, an MSc in ecology and conservation, and in data management, statistical techniques and geographic information systems. I have extensive experience as a field research assistant, especially with birds: I am a trained bird ringer and have participated in various projects related to migration, reproductive ecology, use of space; etc. I am interested, among other things, in the conservation of natural heritage from a local scale, in advancing knowledge on the functioning of ecosystems, in applied aspects to resource management, etc. In short, I aim to develop my career in projects with a constructive vision in the face of environmental problems or relevant ecological questions.

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