Ruth Rodríguez Pastor

ruthrodriguezpastor Ruth Rodríguez Pastor

Puesto: Predoctoral Researcher

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Articles in SCI journals

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  • Tularemia Outbreaks and Common Vole ( Microtus arvalis ) Irruptive Population Dynamics in Northwestern Spain, 1997–2014
    Luque-Larena JJ · François Mougeot · Vidal Roig D · Xavier Lambin · Ruth Rodríguez-Pastor · Rodriguez E · Pedro Anda · Raquel Escudero
  • Conference Paper: Common vole (Microtus arvalis) fluctuations in agricultural landscapes of southern Europe: Population patterns and enemy dynamics
    Juan José Luque-Larena · Ruth Rodríguez-Pastor · Fabio Flechoso · Alfonso Paz · Xavier Lambin · Beatriz Arroyo · François Mougeot
  • Conference Paper: Habitat use by small mammals in agricultural landscapes in NW of Spain. Ruth Rodríguez-Pastor · François Mougeot · Xavier Lambin · Juan J. Luque-Larena

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